Berk Technology 135i Attacks Buttonwillow!

This past Wednesday on November 12th, 2008, Berk Technology took their newly prepped 135i to Buttonwillow Raceway. In the prior few months, Berk Technology has spent their efforts research and developing new parts for the 135i. True to Berk Technology form, their products were put to the test prior to introducing them to the market. On their new 135i platform, Berk Technology put their catless downpipes, mid-pipe and race pipes to the test. In addition the 135i received additional parts to make it more competitive on the track thanks to its sponsors: V-Fiber’s 4-piece aero kit, KW Variant 3 coilovers, Burger Motorsports’ Juice Box 3 with o2 sims, HP Autowerks Quaife LSD with 3.46 final drive, D-Force Empower 18-inch wheels wrapped with Dunlop Direzza Star Spec D1 tires, Code 3 Performance Spearco Intercooler kit and lastly, Gruppe-S Engineering for their corner balance and alignment.

Knowing that the competition was going to be tough in the Street FR class, Berk Technology’s main priority was to ensure that their products performed up to their high quality standards while competing against the competition coming second. Nonetheless at the end of the day not only was Berk Technology extremely happy with how well their products performed, the 135i posted a fastest lap time of 2:03.964. Berk Technology is extremely pleased with these results given how light the modifications are on the 135i and only being half a second slower than the competition out on the track. Best of all, each and every one of the modifications on the Berk Technology 135i can be grabbed off the shelf and bolted on by any one of its customers.

Berk Technology is pleased to announce that production will now begin on their 135i/335i/535i products. Their catless downpipes along with their mid-pipe and race pipes will be available for sale shortly on their website. Customers that have been waiting for a race proven product that has been put through rigorous testing on and off the track can rest assured that Berk Technology’s 135i/335i/535i offerings will satisfy even the most hardcore tuners.

Now that Berk Technology is entering the off-season, they look forward to fine tuning and tweaking their 135i even more to compete against the competition. R&D will continue for production of additional parts on the 135i and will be tested at the next Time Attack event in the 2009 season. Stay tuned to for up to date information on the 135i progress and Berk Technology’s R&D efforts.

Berk Technology would like to thank all their sponsors for their continued support:

V-Fiber, KW Suspensions, Burger Motorsports, HP Autowerks, D-Force Wheels, Code 3 Performance and Gruppe-S Engineering.

Berk Technology's 135i at Buttonwillow Raceway

Berk Technology's 135i at Buttonwillow Raceway


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