Berk Technology Sponsored S2000 – John Nguyen

One of our Berk Technology sponsored S2000s dominated the track at Joilet, IL during a Redline Time Attack. John Nguyen’s car has not only been featured in Super Street magazine but sweeps the show classes at Hot Import Nights. But Nguyen is not one to be called a show queen, he puts all of Berk Technology’s products to the test and his results prove just how well they work. Here is a summary from John Nguyen:

“With new parts from GT Motoring: Bridgestone RE11’s and Challenge Coilovers and Bryan from Berk Technology with a last minute high flow cat installed, it helped us place a solid 2nd place in our very first Time Attack Series race! Curt from Tracktime Performance did a fantastic job aligning the car “blindly” without seeing the track and setting the car up for tires that weren’t currently on the car during the alignment. The car is scheduled to be on display at Gillman Honda in the few weeks and we look forward to represent everyone’s name out there.”

Congratulations to John Nguyen on a job well done and we look forward to his future outings with this beautiful S2000.


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