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SEMA ’09

October 24, 2009

Excited to say that we are going to be attending SEMA Convention this year. Hopefully we will pick up more sponsors for the 1er, talk to new companies about future products and most importantly win lots of money! The Berk Technology 135i will be on display so be sure to come by and check out the country’s fastest 135i and maybe take a peek at our top secret brake ducts in person. Unfortunately we can’t bring the new funnest member of out team out there but I’m sure he understands.

Hot cars, hot girls, and the Berk Technology. What more could you ask for?


Superlap ’09

October 24, 2009

Yes it is here once again. We are all signed up and almost ready to go for this years upcoming SuperLap on November 11th. We have couple more parts we gotta put on the ride but here at Berk we are very confident for the event, not only in speed but making sure that it looks super sweet while taking the prize. See you all there and if your competing we’ll be gunnin for you… In a good sportsman type manner.

At the last Time Attack event hosted by Redline the Berk Tech 135i was by far the fastest BMW at the event. ¬†Couldn’t quite catch the 1000hp cars though.

Redline Time Attack MR2 sponsored by Berk Technology

October 22, 2009

We met Jeremy Croiset’s back in 2008 when he had picked up an MR2 for $1000 with a blown head gasket and some funny looking wheels. Fast forward a year later and after Berk Technology performed some Berk GT3076R Twin Scroll turbo magic, custom trunk mount intercooler, and custom single exit exhaust the car takes first place at it’s first event! The Redline Time Attack event at Willow Springs was the track for all of the high horsepower big boys to come out and play. Shows you what these little MR2’s can do with some well selected components and driving talent from Jeremy. For the upcoming Redline Time Attack Jeremy has upgraded the MR2’s aerodynamics heavily in hopes of even better lap time results.

Vegas Baby! Berk Technology heads out to Formula Drift!

October 22, 2009

Berk Technology had their BMW 135i race car on display at Formula D for the Round 4 event in Las Vegas NV! The BMW was part of the J-Tuned Autogallery car show and was a big hit among the sea of Japanese imports at the event. The 135i will also make its appearance at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale CA for Formula D’s round 7, Judgement Day! See you then!