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APR Perfromance introduces new BMW 135i parts!

November 13, 2009

APR Performance develops a new BMW 135i application for their GTC-200 series of carbon fiber airfoil wings. The new kit is application specific to the BMW 135i trunk lid.

We opted to configure our wing package to a full competition spec which adds the optional gurney flap and 2.5″ riser plates. The gurney flap (or wicker bill for our UK audience) is that little right angle piece of carbon fiber that is added to the trailing edge of the wing. The wicker adds additional downforce by increasing the amount of air pressure on the top of the wing and reducing the amount of lift on created on the bottom of the wing. The 2.5″ risers place the wing higher into the air stream giving the wing a chance to catch “cleaner” laminar air that flows above the car.

Enough technical babble lets get on how well it performed on the racetrack!

On the Berk Technology 135i test bed the APR wing was generating a considerable amount of down force at Buttonwillow Raceway. Our previous personal best at this track was 2:03. In the long right handed sweeper known as Riverside we are generating a considerable amount of download and increased grip through that turn. At the end of the day we were able to shave over 2 seconds off of our previous times with the APR GTC-200 wing as the only major change to the car.

In addition to the quicker lap times we also have gorgeous body lines to look at in my opinion . The 135i’s stubby silhouette is given the much needed sleeker look with the set back stance of the glossy carbon fiber wing. Granted I’m the type of guy that enjoys the smell of carcinogenic race fuel and tire smoke so the look of a race prepped touring car may not be for you but it sure brings a smile to my face.

The APR GTC-200 wing for the BMW 135i is available now from Berk Technology.


A blast from the past….. before it was turned into a race car…..

November 13, 2009

There was a time when the Berk 135i lived a life as a normal commuter car that got you from point A to point B. Then the guys in the motorsports department got their hands on the car and things were never quite the same again.

Here’s a look back to the past when the Berk Technology BMW 135i was still a virgin. Personally I think she looks better now with all of the carbon fiber, but that’s just my opinion.

Berk Technology getting ready for the Redline Time Attack Finals!

November 12, 2009

For all the fans and customers…Hopefully if you are reading this you are both, but we are going to be competing at the Redline Time Attack finals on November 14th & 15th with the Berk 135i.  We have already shattered the BMW 135i/335i track record at Willow Springs Raceway and we have no doubt that the record will fall at Autoclub Speedway.  We hope to see you all out there to check out our new stuff. If you feel up to it come on out and hang out with the Berk crew, maybe champagne showers if we win….

Come by to check out the our BMW and other competitors with our race machines outfitted with the latest cutting edge race parts.

Here’s a sneak preview of what is to come….

Rotora 335mm Big Brake Kit & Super Cool BMW 135i Custom Brake Ducts

November 12, 2009

BMW did a fine job with the Brembo 6 piston braking system on the 135i. But as some of you have noticed the OEM system has a limited heat capacity before experiencing serious brake fade on the road course even when using proper race pads. Berk Technology and Rotora took a two prong approach to attack the problem.

1.  335mm Big brake upgrade from Rotora.  This uses their latest 6 piston forged aluminum caliper and their 2 piece 335mm rotor.
2.  Custom brake ducting and with air scoops that draw air from the OEM front bumper locations.

We will be taking the car out for the Euro Tuner Super Lap Battle to test out our new Rotora brake setup. We’ll let you guys know how it goes!

Berk Technology – Project 135i gets some carbon fiber goodness from SEIBON

November 10, 2009

BMW’s are known for their legendary chassis balance, superb handling, and the driver’s experience. BMW is not known for being lightweight unless you own one of the M3 CSL models. Seibon Carbon steps in an helps us shed quite a few pounds off the car by replacing the hood and trunk lid with lightweight carbon fiber composite pieces. Although it took two guys to carry the OEM stamped steel hood up the ladder we were sure glad to put them away for long term storage.

Coming out of the packaging.

There’s nothing more frustrating that receiving damaged goods from freight companies. Good thing that Seibon carefully packed everything and inspects every single part with two pairs of eyes before anything leaves the warehouse. Our parts arrived in perfect shape!

This hood was absolute cake to install. We were done in 15 minutes flat. Everything aligned perfectly just like OEM. Once again BMW over engineered their trunk latch mechanism and we fumbled a bit transferring the stock hardware over to the new Seibon carbon trunk. Once we had everything moved over it was easy installing the trunk. Just make sure to have a couple of washers handy to get the trunk sitting exactly where you want it.

Here’s the before:

And the after:

Notice the perfect lines between the carbon fiber Seibon bits and the OEM BMW panels. If you want to go full stealth the Siebon parts are fully paintable and no one would be the wiser that you just lost about 30lbs of dead weight.