Berk Technology – Project 135i gets some carbon fiber goodness from SEIBON

BMW’s are known for their legendary chassis balance, superb handling, and the driver’s experience. BMW is not known for being lightweight unless you own one of the M3 CSL models. Seibon Carbon steps in an helps us shed quite a few pounds off the car by replacing the hood and trunk lid with lightweight carbon fiber composite pieces. Although it took two guys to carry the OEM stamped steel hood up the ladder we were sure glad to put them away for long term storage.

Coming out of the packaging.

There’s nothing more frustrating that receiving damaged goods from freight companies. Good thing that Seibon carefully packed everything and inspects every single part with two pairs of eyes before anything leaves the warehouse. Our parts arrived in perfect shape!

This hood was absolute cake to install. We were done in 15 minutes flat. Everything aligned perfectly just like OEM. Once again BMW over engineered their trunk latch mechanism and we fumbled a bit transferring the stock hardware over to the new Seibon carbon trunk. Once we had everything moved over it was easy installing the trunk. Just make sure to have a couple of washers handy to get the trunk sitting exactly where you want it.

Here’s the before:

And the after:

Notice the perfect lines between the carbon fiber Seibon bits and the OEM BMW panels. If you want to go full stealth the Siebon parts are fully paintable and no one would be the wiser that you just lost about 30lbs of dead weight.


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