APR Perfromance introduces new BMW 135i parts!

APR Performance develops a new BMW 135i application for their GTC-200 series of carbon fiber airfoil wings. The new kit is application specific to the BMW 135i trunk lid.

We opted to configure our wing package to a full competition spec which adds the optional gurney flap and 2.5″ riser plates. The gurney flap (or wicker bill for our UK audience) is that little right angle piece of carbon fiber that is added to the trailing edge of the wing. The wicker adds additional downforce by increasing the amount of air pressure on the top of the wing and reducing the amount of lift on created on the bottom of the wing. The 2.5″ risers place the wing higher into the air stream giving the wing a chance to catch “cleaner” laminar air that flows above the car.

Enough technical babble lets get on how well it performed on the racetrack!

On the Berk Technology 135i test bed the APR wing was generating a considerable amount of down force at Buttonwillow Raceway. Our previous personal best at this track was 2:03. In the long right handed sweeper known as Riverside we are generating a considerable amount of download and increased grip through that turn. At the end of the day we were able to shave over 2 seconds off of our previous times with the APR GTC-200 wing as the only major change to the car.

In addition to the quicker lap times we also have gorgeous body lines to look at in my opinion . The 135i’s stubby silhouette is given the much needed sleeker look with the set back stance of the glossy carbon fiber wing. Granted I’m the type of guy that enjoys the smell of carcinogenic race fuel and tire smoke so the look of a race prepped touring car may not be for you but it sure brings a smile to my face.

The APR GTC-200 wing for the BMW 135i is available now from Berk Technology.


2 Responses to “APR Perfromance introduces new BMW 135i parts!”

  1. Jose Howay Says:

    now it is becoming a true race car.looks good .

  2. ReusaKels Says:

    Many of guys write about this subject but you wrote down some true words.

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