Vivid Racing Joins Our List of Sponsors for 2010!

Vivid Racing is one of, if not the largest online aftermarket parts stores in the import car community.  They are also major importers that are responsible for bringing many of the top JDM and European brands over to the United States.  Having such a big name associated with our racing efforts is quite a feat, which is why we are proud to announce Vivid Racing as our newest sponsor for our time attack race team in 2010!

Vivid Racing is based out of Arizona in a state of the art facility.  They have a massive warehouse full of the best parts for hundreds of different applications.  They have a full service install shop complete with five lifts, an AWD dyno, and experienced techs making them truly a one stop shop.  Their list of project vehicles is endless and they are always working on new things.

Vivid Racing will be a valuable asset to the Berk Technology Time Attack Race Team and our BMW 135i as we compete in the most competitive time attack racing series in the nation.  And of course, you can also buy quality Berk Technology products from Vivid Racing in return!

Check Vivid Racing out at

—Berk Technology


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