The Berk Technology 135i Immortalized in Forza!

One of the best racing games out there is Forza Motorsports 3 for XBox.  One of the coolest things about the game is the ability to create your own liveries so you can replicate almost any car if you have the skills and the time.  Replicating and designing cars on Forza has become very popular among gamers worldwide.  There has been a trend of re-creating Time Attack cars within the Forza community which is a huge testiment to the popularity of the sport among the current generations.

James Elterman from the Takata Time ATtack race team and driver of the Takata Time Attack Subaru STI brought the sport of time attack to the Forza crowd when he worked in conjunction with them to create a livery design contest.  The winning design was turned into a full digital wrap and then used on the actual Takata Time Attack STI.  The contest was a huge hit and helped gain a ton of fans for the sport.  Since then, many of today’s time attack cars have been immortalized into the video game world.

James Elterman himself is pretty good at creating replica time attack cars and sent us the photo above of a re-creation of our Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i as it looks today!  It is incredibly cool to see our car immortalized in a video game and we thank James for doing an amazing job!

— Berk Technology


4 Responses to “The Berk Technology 135i Immortalized in Forza!”

  1. Jose Says:

    hey bryan send me the file then I could uploaded on my ps3

  2. JamesE Says:

    There will be an official release by the GEARBOX tuning crew in about 1 week. I’ll let you know. Check out the other GEARBOX releases at . When the car is released it will be available for anyone to buy with in game credits.

  3. JamesE Says:

    It has been released. Anyone with a copy of FM3 and Xbox Live can now drive it! More details here…

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