Velocity Motorcars Rear Camber/Toe Arms on the Time Attack 135i

In our ongoing pursuit for victory in the Redline Time Attack series we continue to find the best quality parts to help us make our Time Attack BMW 135i faster.  When it came to addressing the rear alignment parts, we looked no further than Velocity Motorcars.  Their rear camber and toe arms for the 135i are second to none in quality and fitment.  A direct replacement of the factory arms, the Velocity Motorcars arms offer a much greater range of adjustment which will allow us to dial in exactly what we want in terms of alignment settings in the rear.

A proper alignment is often overlooked as one of the main components to making a car fast around a road course.  Your alignment settings can make the difference between running your best lap or having a car that is un-driveable.  Not only does a proper alignment help tremendously in the handling department, but it also extends your tire life by evenly disbursing heat and wear across the entire contact patch.

These, combined with the OEM E92 M3 front suspension arms we installed last month, will help our little 135i get closer to our 2010 goals!  Thank you to Velocity Motorcars for making such a wonderful product.

Check Velocity Motorcars out at their website!  Tell them Berk Technology sent you!

— Berk Technology


One Response to “Velocity Motorcars Rear Camber/Toe Arms on the Time Attack 135i”

  1. Jose Howay Says:

    more goodies I see, nice addition

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