Berk Technology Charity Ride-A-Longs A Success!

The 2010 season has officially started for the Berk Technology crew and race team!  Our first event was not a race, but a charity event with 100% of the proceeds going to the American Red Cross for their Haitian relief efforts.  This event was also the debut for the new look and new sponsors on our Time Attack BMW 135i and our 370Z demo car!

The event was put on by Fatlace and featured the Hellaflush 3.5 car show, a Team Drift Championship drift competition, and an open track day.   Our portion of the event consisted of giving ride-a-longs around Buttonwillow Raceway’s West Loop in exchange for a charitable donation to the American Red Cross.  Originally we were going to give rides around the track in our Time Attack BMW 135i with our new driver Mike Bonanni behind the wheel, but unfortunately our car had other plans.  After years of flawless performance, one of our fuel pumps decided that it would pick the day before the event to start having problems.  Luckily, good friend and fellow time attack competitor Ed Lee and his Berk Technology equipped Honda S2000 were able to fill in for our 135i in the role of taking people around for the ride of a lifetime.

The threat of rain couldn’t keep the crowds away and luckily for all of them, the rain didn’t show and the event would go on to be quite successful!  As the crowds poured in, so did the donations and we were able to take 25 people for rides around the track and raised a grand total of $400 to go to the American Red Cross!  The people at this event were very excited for what we were doing and that made it very fun for us.  Judging by the big grins and reactions of our ride-a-long passengers, we’re guessing they had fun too.

We would like to thank Fatlace, Ed Lee, KW Suspension, DRIFTENVY Clothing, The Kern County Chapter of the American Red Cross, and our wonderful fans who helped make this event such a success!

— Berk Technology


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