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Berk Technology Gets Another Podium at Redline Time Attack!

April 27, 2010

After a highly successful season opener to the 2010 Redline Time Attack Series Season, Berk Technology was looking towards returning to the top of the podium in back to back wins. This time they headed out to the desert to Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Sin City, Nevada. But like after every successful weekend of racing, the next event doesn’t always go as planned. Berk Technology fought off gremlins with their BMW 135i to an impressive second place finish, just a little less than one second behind top spot.

The weekend started off with an oil cooler leak that required some quick fixin’ and the remainder of the practice sessions were dedicated to dialing in the suspension and aero on the Berk Technology 135i. With every track being so different and the weather conditions out in Las Vegas, Berk Technology analyzed all the data gathered through three sessions in order to get it ready for qualifying.

When Sunday rolled around, the weather was great and the team was ready to back up their win. They slapped on a fresh set of Hankook RS-3 tires and first session would yield a blistering 1:48.981, but the top cars were sent off to verify their legality. Unfortunately for Berk Technology, the BMW 135i’s time would be tossed out due to the threads on the APR Performance splitter tension rod bolts being 1/16″ below the minimum ride height. Needless to say the team was disappointed, but rules are rules – and off they went to grind down the bolts so it wouldn’t happen again.

Driver Mike Bonanni once again took the wheel for the second session, but unfortunately Bonanni could not better his previous time and ended up with a 1:49.111 which stood as the official time for Berk Technology’s 135i. Track conditions weren’t entirely ideal with rocks having been kicked up all over the track. Unfortunately by the time the track was cleaned up, the Street RWD class had already run and there was not enough time to re-run. Regardless, everyone was on the same playing field with the same conditions in Street RWD so Berk Technology would pleased with the second place effort behind Jeff Tyler and the HP Autowerks BMW 335i which is also powered by Berk Technology’s catless downpipes.

Overall the weekend didn’t go exactly as planned, especially since Berk Technology worked hard in preparing the car to run a five lap super session for extra points. After round one, Berk Technology worked quickly to have a cage installed to pass tech for the Las Vegas event but unfortunately the super session was canceled due to the delays from cleaning up the track. Berk Technology is looking forward to campaigning their BMW 135i in the next super session to show off what it can do against the competition.

Although it was a weekend full of ups and downs, the Berk Technology crew gave it 100% and are very happy with another podium finish.  Although the Berk Technology 135i barely missed 1st place, it was a full five seconds ahead of 3rd place and ran a time that beat out all but two of the Modified RWD class cars as well, quite a feat for a Street Tire class car!  Look for Berk Technology back on top of the podium at the next round held at Auto Club Speedway at the end of May!

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Redline Time Attack Las Vegas: Preview

April 21, 2010

After a very successful win and new track record for Berk Technology at the opening round of the 2010 Redline Time Attack season, we have been hard at work preparing the car for the second west coast round out in fabulous Las Vegas!  Our main goal between events was to get the car legal to run the 5-lap door to door sprint race at the end of each event known as the “Super Session.”  The Super Session is an opportunity to get extra points towards the year-end championship and not having a car that is legal to compete in it, we essentially would be giving the championship away.  Needless to say, we wont let that happen.

To make our car legal, we had to make one major addition to the car, a 6-point roll cage.  Before we did that though, we set out to take as much weight out of the car as possible, knowing we would be adding a lot of weight back in with the roll cage.  We did nearly everything simple that we could while staying within the Redline Time Attack Street Tire Class rules including everything from removing the OEM sunroof to replacing our custom seat rails with lighter weight Macht Schnell pieces.  When all was said and done, we had removed nearly 200 lbs. of weight out of the car before the roll cage!  We were shocked and excited that so much weight came out of the car, but the feeling was bittersweet as we knew the 6-point roll cage, built to Redline Time Attack rules, was going to add most of that back.

The car then headed to L-CON Race Car Design & Fabrication for a simple, to the point roll cage and the work was phenomenal.  L-CON was also able to integrate a driver’s side window net, also required by the Redline Time Attack rule book.

With only a few short days left to go, we still have a long list of things to do before the event to ensure that we have a car capable of giving us back to back wins.  As you are reading this we are probably full of caffeine and covered in grease fabricating brake ducts, test fitting slightly wider tires, installing TiSpeed brake pad backing plates, fabricating an oil cooler, corner balancing, and much more before heading up to Vegas Thursday night.

Be sure to watch the event live at or if you’re in the Vegas area, stop by our pit area to say hello!  Check back early next week for results and a full event review!  You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates throughout the weekend!

Follow our driver, Mike Bonanni as well!

Berk Technology Teams up with TiSpeed

April 14, 2010

Arguably, the most important part of a race car is its brakes.  No matter how fast a car is, if it can’t stop, it wont be a race car for very long.  Not only is it important to have your brakes work, but to get the most out of your car and turn in fast lap times, your brakes also have to be consistent and dependable.

“As a driver, if a car’s brakes are working properly its something that is constantly on the front of my mind while out on track, wondering if my car will slow down enough this time or not.  Instead, I should be concentrating on driving clean, fast, and with confidence.” – Mike Bonanni, Driver of the Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i

The main cause of brake failure is excessive heat, namely in the brake fluid and there are several ways to combat it.  One of the more simple and effective ways is through TiSpeed titanium brake backing plates.  The titanium backing plates install between the back of your brake pad and the brake caliper pistons.  The titanium material helps deflect heat away from the caliper resulting in cooler brake fluid temperatures.  The result is brakes that last much longer on track and off track.  Excessive heat can boil your brake fluid causing your brake pedal to go to the floor, but it can also burn up the seals in your caliper.  The TiSpeed titanium backing plates will extend the life of your seals greatly and insure that you have predictable and consistent brakes every lap.  And the best part…the price.  TiSpeed titanium backing plates normally retail under $100.00 per set, a much smaller bill then what you could pay if your brakes fail.

TiSpeed titanium backing plates are essential to any track going car.  The Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i will be sporting TiSpeed titanium backing plates, so should you!  You can check them out at:

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April 6, 2010