Berk Technology Teams up with TiSpeed

Arguably, the most important part of a race car is its brakes.  No matter how fast a car is, if it can’t stop, it wont be a race car for very long.  Not only is it important to have your brakes work, but to get the most out of your car and turn in fast lap times, your brakes also have to be consistent and dependable.

“As a driver, if a car’s brakes are working properly its something that is constantly on the front of my mind while out on track, wondering if my car will slow down enough this time or not.  Instead, I should be concentrating on driving clean, fast, and with confidence.” – Mike Bonanni, Driver of the Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i

The main cause of brake failure is excessive heat, namely in the brake fluid and there are several ways to combat it.  One of the more simple and effective ways is through TiSpeed titanium brake backing plates.  The titanium backing plates install between the back of your brake pad and the brake caliper pistons.  The titanium material helps deflect heat away from the caliper resulting in cooler brake fluid temperatures.  The result is brakes that last much longer on track and off track.  Excessive heat can boil your brake fluid causing your brake pedal to go to the floor, but it can also burn up the seals in your caliper.  The TiSpeed titanium backing plates will extend the life of your seals greatly and insure that you have predictable and consistent brakes every lap.  And the best part…the price.  TiSpeed titanium backing plates normally retail under $100.00 per set, a much smaller bill then what you could pay if your brakes fail.

TiSpeed titanium backing plates are essential to any track going car.  The Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i will be sporting TiSpeed titanium backing plates, so should you!  You can check them out at:

—Berk Technology


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