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Berk Technology Sponsors the Rare JDM Infiniti G35!

June 24, 2010

Berk Technology is proud to announce the addition of Zack Tscharanyan’s flat black G35 coupe to our list of sponsored vehicles!  Zach’s G35 features a fully built naturally aspirated engine built by Technosquare featuring Cosworth CNC ported heads, Cosworth camshafts, Weisco high compression pistons, Tomei headers, and Berk Technology metallic substrate high flow catalytic converters!

Zack not only takes his beautiful G35 coupe to car shows, but it also gets used at the track quite frequently.  In the future, Zack plans to compete in the Redline Time Attack series with the Rare JDM G35 coupe starting in the Street Tire RWD class alongside the Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i.

You can check out more on team Rare JDM as well as Zack’s sinister G35 at

—Berk Technology


New Video! Berk Technology Time Attack Race Team at Redline Time Attack AAA Speedway 2010

June 22, 2010

Preparing the Berk 135i for Summer Heat – Part 1

June 22, 2010

Since summer has officially started, I thought we would give our fans and customers a little insight on how we are preparing the Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i for the heat.  Our next event is out at Willow Springs International Raceway out in the Mojave Desert by Edwards Air Force Base.  We will be there with the Redline Time Attack series on 4th of July weekend and ambient air temperatures are expected to be in the triple digits.

Its no secret that heat is the number one enemy of performance and reliability when it comes to race cars.  Excessive heat can take its toll on everything from tires to brakes to the engine and is usually the cause of many engine failures.  Needless to say, heat management is essential for race car reliability.

We are currently leading points in the 2010 Redline Time Attack Street Tire RWD Championship so reliability is our number one focus heading into the summer months as we do not want to let the championship slip away due to mechanical issues.

Back in March we did our first cooling modifications to the car in the form of an AR Design oil cooler kit to help manage oil and engine temperatures and a pair of custom front brake ducts to help keep our Rotora front brakes cool.  Those modifications kept the car within safe operating temperature range during the Spring events, but heading into the summer months, we are making another cooling modification that will also help with aerodynamics.

In late 2009, we picked up a SEIBON Carbon OEM style carbon fiber hood and shaved a good amount of weight off the front end of the car with the added bonus of awesome looks.  Although the OEM style hood replicated the clean smooth lines of the stock hood, it doesn’t offer any sort of venting.

Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i with SEIBON Carbon OEM style carbon fiber hood.

At the last event at AAA Speedway, we saw speeds in excess of 150mph down the front straight away and one of the things we noticed was that the SEIBON Carbon Fiber hood was buffering.  That told us that we are getting a lot of  trapped air coming through the front bumper and radiator and getting stuck in the engine bay.  That trapped air creates a high pressure area under the hood that actually lifts the hood from underneath.  Think of it kind of like shaking a soda bottle with the cap on.  The pressure from the carbonation makes the bottle nearly impossible to squeeze.

The solution is to put vents in the hood to release that pressure, which acts like removing the cap on the soda bottle.  The result is that air can escape through the vents in the hood relieving the high pressure area and reducing lift on the front end.

The other benefit of a vented hood comes in the cooling department.  With the high pressure area in the engine bay with the non-vented hood, fresh cool air wasn’t able to pass through the radiator and front end of the car.  With the vented hood, a much higher volume of fresh cool air will be cycled through the front bumper, through the radiator and oil coolers, and out of the vents in the hood.  The result is cooler operating temperatures and improved engine reliability.

For the Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i, we of course chose the SEIBON Carbon GTR style carbon fiber hood to replace our OEM style hood.  Normally, the GTR style hood from SEIBON does not have functional vents, but it does provide an exceptional template for us to cut our own holes in the hood and make the vents functional while retaining the stunning look of the GTR style hood.

Work in progress:  SEIBON Carbon GTR style hood under-going custom venting by Berk Technology.

Not only will our new SEIBON Carbon GTR style hood further improve the looks of the Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i, but it will also improve cooling, reliability, and aerodynamics all in one shot.  Its a no-lose situation and we are anxious to test it out at the high speed, blistering hot Willow Springs Redline Time Attack event!

All finished!  Form and function all in one sexy carbon fiber package!

If you are in California and struggling to find a worth while way to spend your 4th of July weekend, be sure to come out to Willow Springs Raceway and come check out the Berk Technology BMW 135i and the rest of the action at Round #6 of the 2010 Redline Time Attack series!  This event will be un-like any other Redline Time Attack event with the largest fireworks show in the Antelope Valley, drag racing, model competitions, and of course insane time attack action!

Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for Part 2 of the summer preparations where we highlight the installation of new gauges from AEM Electronics that will help us manage our engine’s vitals!

—Berk Technology

Berk Technology Sponsored S2000 Gets Podium at SCCA National Solo Event!

June 21, 2010

The Berk Technology sponsored Honda S2000 of Jason Wong took a 3rd place finish at the 2010 DC Pro Solo event this past weekend in the Street Touring R class!  Wong finished with a time of 37.584 seconds around the challenging autocross course, just 0.034 seconds off of 2nd place and 0.570 seconds off of 1st to make for some extremely close racing!

Jason Wong’s ModeRacing/Berk Technology STR S2000 uses a Berk Technology 50mm header and high flow catalytic converter.

Congratulations to Jason on a well deserved and hard fought podium.

— Berk Technology

KW Suspension and Vivid Racing Coilover Suspension Give-A-Way!

June 15, 2010

Vivid Racing and KW Suspension North America have teamed up to giveaway 3 sets of coilovers (Variant 1, Variant 2, and Variant 3) 100% FREE to lucky winners! We are looking for the sickest road racers, auto-x drivers, car show fanatics, drift racers, and daily driving enthusiasts to share photos of their car and why they should get a FREE set of KW Coilovers. The best part is, YOU VOTE FOR THE WINNER! KW has won the 24hr of Nurburgring 5 times, they are also podium finishers in FormulaD, and even Vivid Racing has proven their quality taking our Project 997TT to 206.2mph at the Texas Mile! So enter this contest and get fitted with the best coilovers in the market!

Enter Here –

So How Can I Win?

  • Fill out the entry form below.
  • Once you click submit, it will forward you to our KW Coilover Contest gallery where you need to upload a photo.
  • After you upload the photo, click the Share Button and post to your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Blogs, Forums, and other sites so peopleVOTE for your car!
  • Don’t forget to vote for yourself!

    What are the Rules?

  • The contest will run from June 15th – July 15 with winners being announced July 16, 2010.
  • Winners will be calculated based upon the number of public votes their image receives. 1st place will get a set of Variant 3, 2nd place Variant 2, 3rd place, Variant 1.
  • Contestants must fill out the entry form below completely. Your information will be shared with both Vivid Racing and KW Suspension for marketing analysis and use.
  • Contestants must upload Only 1 Image of their vehicle and include the required information. Uploading a image does not require you to be a registered member. However ALL images are moderated and anything deemed offensive or not filled out completely will be deleted.
  • Each person can only vote on a car 1 time from their computer.
  • Number of votes are calculated on the Top Rated page. Number of stars do not matter.
  • Contest is open to USA and Canada Residents ONLY, this includes Puerto Rico. If a contestant is chosen outside of the continental 48 states, they are required to pay for shipping.
  • Vivid Racing and KW Suspension have the last say in who the winner is. Anyone found cheating by automatically programming votes, slandering others, or any circumstances deemed unexceptable will be disqualified and the next runner up will take their place.
  • Once winners are announced, KW Suspension will send them the required fitment for their vehicle within 90 days pending stock
  • Winner is required to have the coilovers installed at their own expense and take photos of the installation and final shot of their car to be used on the Vivid Racing and KW Suspension website. These photos are to be provided within 30 days of receiving product.
  • Any issues, questions, or concerns about this contest can be directed to
  • Berk Technology Lands Their Third Podium in a Row at Redline Time Attack

    June 2, 2010

    The Redline Time Attack series just had its third West Coast region event out at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA and Berk Technology was in attendance yet again looking for another podium finish.  Auto Club Speedway uses about half of the NASCAR banked super speedway oval track and pairs it with the twisty flat pavement of the infield road course.  This track configuration is unique as exceptional handling is key on the infield, however horsepower and aerodynamics are highly rewarded on the high banks of the NASCAR oval.  Berk Technology has come up with an exceptional combination of the two that landed our 135i on the podium for the third straight event in a row!

    The first two Redline Time Attack events of the season were at tracks that rewarded light weight and exceptional handling.  With the help of sponsors like KW Suspension, Hankook Tire, OS Giken, and Velocity Motorcars we were able to conquer tracks like Buttonwillow and Las Vegas Motor Speedway by getting our car to handle with the best of them taking home a 1st place finish and a track record at Buttonwillow, and a 2nd place finish at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  Since the third and fourth events are at tracks that reward horsepower and aerodynamics, we shifted our focus a bit and we called upon sponsors like APR Performance, GIAC, and AEM Electronics to get us the power and aerodynamics needed to be competitive at these types of tracks as well.  After some new aerodynamic goodies from APR Performance and an alignment from Evasive Motorsports, we were ready for battle!

    Last time the Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i was at Auto Club Speedway was back in November of last year at the 2009 Redline Time Attack Finals.  There, we ran our personal best time of 1:54.909 and although we knew that this year the temperatures would be much hotter in May, our first goal was to set a new personal best.  We also knew that Jeremy Croiset in the Berk Technology Toyota MR2 set the track record for our class here back in November at a 1:50.692.  Despite being almost 30 degrees hotter and windy, Berk Technology driver Mike Bonanni drove our 135i to a 1:51.373, over three seconds faster than we were back in November and less than one second away from the track record!

    Bonanni’s 1:51.373 lap landed the Berk Technology 135i in 3rd place overall in the Street Tire class and 2nd place in the Street Tire RWD class, just 0.153 seconds behind 1st place.  Mike Bonanni also beat out professional rally and drift star Stephan Verdier in the Evolution Racewerks BMW 135i by just over one second making for some very close and exciting racing!

    This event also marked the first time the Berk Technology 135i competed in the famed Super Session 5-lap wheel to wheel sprint race.   The race pitted Berk Technology against Dave Lemon in the Mazdatrix RX8 battling for the championship points lead in the Street Tire RWD class.  At the drop of the green flag, Bonanni took the lead over Lemon and never looked back putting Berk Technology into the championship points lead!

    “Although we missed 1st place by painfully small margin, we are extremely happy with the results we came home with from this last event.  We have built a car that is extremely competitive on nearly any type of race track and I feel very good about our chances of winning the championship this season.” – Mike Bonanni, Driver

    The next stop on the Redline Time Attack Western Regional Series is at Willow Springs Raceway on 4th of July weekend.  Be sure to come out and see the action first hand!

    Photos courtesy of and  More photos can be found at

    —Berk Technology