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Two New Videos Featuring the Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i!

September 28, 2010

There are two new videos that popped up over the weekend from the Redline Time Attack event at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump! The first one is from the boys at They hooked up multiple cameras as well as a datalogger to the Berk Technology BMW 135i during practice on Saturday. In the video we were on an old set of Hankook RS-3 tires and the data shows sustained 1.3 lateral g’s! They only had their datalogger/video setup on the car for one short session and the lap they feature was a 2:37.1. On Sunday with more aggressive driving, a few setup changes, and a new set of Hankook RS-3 tires we set a new track record for our class with a 2:33.7. I sure would have loved to see data from that lap! You can read the article, look at all the data, and even discuss it on

The second video is from Fast Lane Daily which covered a little bit of the Redline Time Attack event as well and shows some good clips as well as a short interview with myself about the Berk Technology 135i.

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Berk Technology Sets Another Track Record with Redline Time Attack!

September 22, 2010

This past weekend, the Berk Technology Time Attack Race Team headed out to the baron Nevada desert just outside of Las Vegas to Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch for another round of the 2010 Redline Time Attack Series and we are proud to announce that we brought home another 1st place finish and track record for the Street Tire RWD class!  Although most of our team, and our time attack BMW 135i race car had never been out to this particular track, our driver Mike Bonanni is a Las Vegas local who has driven the challenging 3.1 mile 19 turn road course many times.  Since our car had never been to this track before, we had no previous lap time to try to improve upon, so our sights were set on the Street Tire RWD class record set by Manly Kao at last year’s Redline Time Attack event which was a 2:34.866.

We had a two month break since the last race out at Willow Springs Raceway back in early July where we had our worse finish of the season which we are proud to say was 3rd place.  Although we were definitely happy with our podium finish back in July we wanted to get back onto the top step of the podium, something which we haven’t done since the first round of the 2010 season.  We set out to improve on the car yet again and this time we focused brakes and front end aerodynamics.  After the Willow Springs race we decided to go with a complete custom Performance Friction brake set, but since they don’t currently offer an off the shelf kit for the 135i we provided them with the stock brakes off of the car for them to use for development.  Unfortunately, the new brakes were not able to be completed in time so we were forced to return to our old setup.

Our main priority with the car before this round was developing some new front end aerodynamics.  Since aerodynamics can be such a finicky thing, we decided to make a new front splitter for the car out of inexpensive materials in case we need to modify the design.  In this instance we used wood and sheet metal to create a strong an inexpensive piece that would serve as a 100% functional prototype.  The new front splitter is designed to increase downforce and improve cooling and it ended up doing both very well.  We also hacked up our factory front fenders to be able to accommodate wider front wheels.  Not wanting to change too much at one time to the front end of the car alone, we decided to run the same 265/35/18 Hankook RS3 front tires we have run all season, but on a more optimally sized wheel.

We scrambled late into the night on Friday finishing the car and were at the track bright and early on Saturday morning for practice.  We went out for our first practice session with 265/35/18 Hankook RS3 tires all around to test the balance of the car on a square setup to see if we wanted to run 285 width tires all around in the future.  Our new front splitter design provided a tremendous improvement in front grip and it was immediately apparent that we needed to go back to a 285 width tire in the back as the car was exceedingly loose.  With the added front grip from our splitter we spent the remainder of our practice session searching for more rear grip.  A few adjustments to our APR Performance GTC-200 rear wing and switching back to a 285 width Hankook RS3 tire proved to get it pretty close to optimal handing again.

Sunday rolled around and we set out in the morning on our first of two qualifying sessions.  We ended the session in 1st qualifying position in Street Tire RWD with one more qualifying session to go.  On the first hot lap of the second qualifying session the coupler on our charge pipe popped off, putting our car into limp mode so we limped it back into the pits.  Luckily it was an easy fix, but in the meantime Eddie Lim in the Godspeed 240SX jumped into 1st place in the Street Tire RWD qualifying order bumping us down into 2nd position.  Next up was the first of two rounds of Time Attack competition and we set out on a mission for 1st place.  We put on a new set of Hankook RS3 tires and headed to grid.  Mike Bonanni drove the car to a 2:33.725 lap time jumping back in front of the Godspeed 24oSX by half of a second and setting a new class record by a full second, but there was still one more time attack session to go.  In the second and final time attack session, Bonanni ran a near identical lap time, down to the hundredths bettering his time to a 2:33.710.  Eddie Lim also knocked a few tenths of a second off of his time ending the weekend with a 2:33.966 giving him a very close 2nd place in the Godspeed 240SX.

After the second and final time attack session, we couldn’t celebrate yet as we still had the Super Session to compete in.  The Super Session pits the top cars from the Super Modified, Modified, Street Tire, and Drift classes together in a 5-lap wheel to wheel sprint race for position instead of lap time.  The Berk Technology BMW 135i and COBB Tuning Subaru STI represented the Street Tire class in the race and Mike Bonanni was on the inside of row 3 for the rolling start, each row spaced out by 5 car lengths.  The Berk Technology BMW 135i got an exceptional start closing that 5 car length gap up to row 2 by the entrance of turn 1.  Bonanni felt that he was in position to get a good run on the COBB Tuning STI on the exit of turn 2, but just as he got on the gas pedal to exit the turn, the coupler on the charge pipe came off for the second time putting the car into limp mode again and we had to watch as the entire field disappeared into the distance.  Bonanni limped the car around the track for the entire 5 agonizingly long laps in order to retain points for finishing the race and its a good thing he did as the points earned between the super session and finishing 1st in the time attack extended our championship points lead to 59 points over 2nd place, a gap that is virtually impossible to make up if we finish even just one of the two remaining events.

The Berk Technology Time Attack Race Team is extremely happy to continue our 100% podium average through another round of the 2010 Redline Time Attack series and absolutely ecstatic to claim another 1st place finish and track record.  We could not do it without the support of our sponsors and the exceptional products that they make:

Berk Technology
OS Giken
KW Suspension
Hankook Tires
APEX Wheels
AEM Electronics
APR Performance
Velocity Motorcars
Vivid Racing
Macht Schnell

And also thank you to our associate sponsors:
European Auto Source
Evolution Racewerks
AR Design

The second to last round of the 2010 Redline Time Attack series is just around the corner as we head up to historic Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA October 23-24th.  If you’re in the Bay Area or don’t mind driving up to one of the most beautiful places on the West Coast, be sure to stop by our pit area to say hello and cheer us on as we try to lock in the 2010 Street Tire RWD Championship and continue our 100% podium streak!

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Unlock 15whp and 20wtq Out of Your 2011+ BMW 135i!

September 21, 2010

The first independent dyno results we’ve seen for our Street Performance N55 exhaust systems are in!  They come from PTuning out in Virginia and they show impressive gains across the entire RPM range!  The results are +15.5whp and +20.7wtq!!!

Our slogan is “Track Tested, Dyno Proven” and we try to stay true to that by putting out products that perform taking into consideration everything from power to weight reduction.  Our Street Performance exhaust system sheds 20 lbs. of weight over the stock exhaust system with improved looks, improved performance, and OEM quality fit & finish.

Order the Berk Technology Street Performance Exhaust System from our online store, or through your favorite Berk Technology dealer!

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Now Hiring: Part-Time Sales Position

September 9, 2010

Berk Technology is now hiring for the following positions:

Salesperson – Part Time – Santa Ana, CA

If you would like to get more information on this job opportunity, please contact Laura Heng at

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370Z HFC/CBE Review and Video!

September 8, 2010

Check out this review and video from one of our customers over in Guam who recently installed Berk Technology High Flow Catalytic Converters and a Berk Technology Cat-Back Exhaust System on his Nissan 370Z!

“I received my Berk last week and although I was supposed to get in installed this week, my brother (Q) and a good friend of ours (Chuck) decided to get together the day after I received it to do the install….So my bro and I headed over to our friend Chuck’s shop with the exhaust and a 12-pack of Corona (Mas Fina!!!!)

Brief description of the install….
Long story short…The Stock exhaust was a pain in the @$$ to take out…Not so much the Cat back, but we ran into the “Devil Bolts” when we came across the stock cats. These bolts are located on the top part of the Triangle Flange that connects the Cats to the headers…Even after greasing these suckers down and using “Snap-On” air tools running 175psi, these suckers wouldn’t budge…So we had a lot of down time while we activated one of our friends who is a tech from Nissan (Verg) to bring over a special tool to help us get it out… Once the tool arrived we got that sucker out, and the rest was a breeze…The Berk went in real smooth and without any problems…No issues with the “Hangers” fitment, or alignment, and the tips lined right up without any mods..Just straight up bolt on and go!!! All in all, with a stock exhaust that gives you no problems you can complete this whole install within 1Hr to 1:15Hrs….

One word….”Breathtaking”….it matches this car so much…I’ve gotten a lot of thumbs up and heads turning since this exhaust was installed…Perfect combo with the HFC’s…The one thing I love is that it growls from 3500-4500 RPM range, but unlike other exhausts that get extremely crazy as you go up the RPM range, the Berk seems to harmonize with the HR motor as the Revs go higher…SUPER SWEET!!!!

Berk you did a great job with this product!!! I’m proud to be the 1st and (so far) the only Berk owner on Guam!!!!

Although I agree with the rest of of the folks that Vids don’t do this exhaust system justice, I tried my best to put something together for others that are out there wondering what this exhaust is all about…So here you go….” – BOLIO_671,

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DIY 370Z Cat-Back Exhaust Installation

September 1, 2010

One of our 370Z customers, Donald Clark recently sent us some photos and a quick review of he and his sons installing their new Berk Technology Cat-Back exhaust system at home in their garage.  The Berk Technology cat-back exhaust system is designed to be a direct bolt-on replacement of the stock exhaust system that any home mechanic can do with a floor jack, jack stands, and a few simple hand tools as Donald Clark and his family demonstrate below.

“Installation (in my garage) took me and one of my sons 2 hours 15 minutes. It would have been much less but we wrestled with a reluctant nut on the stock Y-pipe for a while.” – Donald Clark

“We installed the cat-back today and immediately engaged in some “spirited” driving. Inside the car, there is a definite tone difference, but not annoying a bit. Throttle response is significantly improved.  I took the car to Long Beach and back a few days ago and when the car is cruising at speed (75 to 85 mph), there is no noticeable drone.  When dropping down a gear and accelerating – whoa.  Even inside the well-insulated Z, is sounds phenomenal.

Outside the car at start up, the exhaust provides a nice, deep tone. Outside during acceleration and deceleration is a huge difference from stock. We heard no rasp, no popping, nothing high pitched.  The car presents you with an aggressive, clean sound. I will see if it sets off car alarms in parking garages like the exhaust on my 71 240 does.” – Donald Clark

Thank you to Donald and his sons for their kind review and photos!  We are glad they are out there enjoying their 370Z!

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