DIY 370Z Cat-Back Exhaust Installation

One of our 370Z customers, Donald Clark recently sent us some photos and a quick review of he and his sons installing their new Berk Technology Cat-Back exhaust system at home in their garage.  The Berk Technology cat-back exhaust system is designed to be a direct bolt-on replacement of the stock exhaust system that any home mechanic can do with a floor jack, jack stands, and a few simple hand tools as Donald Clark and his family demonstrate below.

“Installation (in my garage) took me and one of my sons 2 hours 15 minutes. It would have been much less but we wrestled with a reluctant nut on the stock Y-pipe for a while.” – Donald Clark

“We installed the cat-back today and immediately engaged in some “spirited” driving. Inside the car, there is a definite tone difference, but not annoying a bit. Throttle response is significantly improved.  I took the car to Long Beach and back a few days ago and when the car is cruising at speed (75 to 85 mph), there is no noticeable drone.  When dropping down a gear and accelerating – whoa.  Even inside the well-insulated Z, is sounds phenomenal.

Outside the car at start up, the exhaust provides a nice, deep tone. Outside during acceleration and deceleration is a huge difference from stock. We heard no rasp, no popping, nothing high pitched.  The car presents you with an aggressive, clean sound. I will see if it sets off car alarms in parking garages like the exhaust on my 71 240 does.” – Donald Clark

Thank you to Donald and his sons for their kind review and photos!  We are glad they are out there enjoying their 370Z!

Berk Technology


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