370Z HFC/CBE Review and Video!

Check out this review and video from one of our customers over in Guam who recently installed Berk Technology High Flow Catalytic Converters and a Berk Technology Cat-Back Exhaust System on his Nissan 370Z!

“I received my Berk last week and although I was supposed to get in installed this week, my brother (Q) and a good friend of ours (Chuck) decided to get together the day after I received it to do the install….So my bro and I headed over to our friend Chuck’s shop with the exhaust and a 12-pack of Corona (Mas Fina!!!!)

Brief description of the install….
Long story short…The Stock exhaust was a pain in the @$$ to take out…Not so much the Cat back, but we ran into the “Devil Bolts” when we came across the stock cats. These bolts are located on the top part of the Triangle Flange that connects the Cats to the headers…Even after greasing these suckers down and using “Snap-On” air tools running 175psi, these suckers wouldn’t budge…So we had a lot of down time while we activated one of our friends who is a tech from Nissan (Verg) to bring over a special tool to help us get it out… Once the tool arrived we got that sucker out, and the rest was a breeze…The Berk went in real smooth and without any problems…No issues with the “Hangers” fitment, or alignment, and the tips lined right up without any mods..Just straight up bolt on and go!!! All in all, with a stock exhaust that gives you no problems you can complete this whole install within 1Hr to 1:15Hrs….

One word….”Breathtaking”….it matches this car so much…I’ve gotten a lot of thumbs up and heads turning since this exhaust was installed…Perfect combo with the HFC’s…The one thing I love is that it growls from 3500-4500 RPM range, but unlike other exhausts that get extremely crazy as you go up the RPM range, the Berk seems to harmonize with the HR motor as the Revs go higher…SUPER SWEET!!!!

Berk you did a great job with this product!!! I’m proud to be the 1st and (so far) the only Berk owner on Guam!!!!

Although I agree with the rest of of the folks that Vids don’t do this exhaust system justice, I tried my best to put something together for others that are out there wondering what this exhaust is all about…So here you go….” – BOLIO_671, The370Z.com

Berk Technology


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