Berk Technology to Compete in Inaugural PTCC Race!

The 2010 Redline Time Attack Street Tire RWD Championship winning Berk Technology BMW 135i is getting back on the tarmac this weekend at the inaugural Pacific Tuning Car Championship race!  The race will be held at Willow Springs Raceway on March 5th & 6th in conjunction with the 2011 Redline Pro Time Attack, Pro Track Challenge, and Circuit Battles season opener!  The PTCC series pits time attack style cars head to head in a 30 minute wheel to wheel race where the only thing that matters is crossing the finish line first!  There are two classes in the series, Tuner Under and Tuner Over which are mainly separated by power to weight ratio.  The Berk Technology BMW 135i will be competing in the Tuner Over class which features an 8:1 power/weight ratio, the faster of the two classes.  We will see the return of 2010 driver Mike Bonanni behind the wheel of the 135i again as well.

“I am extremely excited to be able to get back behind the wheel of the Berk Technology 135i and perhaps just as excited to embark on the new challenge of putting this car thorough the paces of wheel to wheel competition rather than traditional time attack.” – Mike Bonanni

Berk Technology kicks off the season with virtually the same car we ended with last year.  Hankook Tire is back on board but instead of the incredible Hankook RS-3 street tire that took us to the Championship in 2010 we are now able to run on the equally incredible Hankook Z214 DOT racing tire!  Performance Friction is also on board and we will be putting their innovative new BMW 135i Z-Rated big brake kit through its paces.  KW Suspension, OS Giken, APR Performance, SEIBON Carbon, GIAC, AEM Electronics, Macht Schnell, VFiber, and European Auto Source are among the other returning sponsors from 2010.

More information on the Pacific Tuner Car Championships as well as the other events happening this weekend can be found at  See you at the track!

—Berk Technology


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