Berk Technology N55 4″ Downpipe Available Now!

Berk Technology BMW 335i 135i 4" N55 Downpipe
“Track Tested, Dyno Proven” products from a champion pedigree now available for your road going street car.

The same championship winning and record setting parts that power the Berk Technology BMW’s are now available for your street machine. The master craftsmen at Berk Technology are proud to introduce their 4″ downpipe for the new BMW N55 single turbo engine. Our ultra low backpressure design adds a dyno proven 23HP and 30ft/lbs of torque without any additional tuning devices or piggybacks. Engineered and dyno verified to be the highest flowing and lowest restriction downpipe on the market. In addition to the added horsepower the Berk Technology N55 4″ downpipe will give your stock exhaust a more aggressive tone under throttle while still maintaining daily driving civility at cruising speeds.


  • Ultra low backpressure 4″ downpipe
  • 23HP gain over stock at the same boost level with no tuning devices
  • Straight shot design for zero restriction and high velocity
  • Largest possible tubing for quicker spool
  • Zero taper on flange at turbo for largest possible pressure differential
  • Largest downpipe on the market, uses more 4″ tube than the competition
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Optional: Ceramic coatings normally used for race pistons for much greater thermal barrier protection compared to exhaust coatings
  • $599.99 MSRP

Berk Technology BMW 335i 135i 4" N55 Downpipe“Straight shot” design = maximum flow!

Berk Technology BMW 335i 135i 4" N55 Downpipe
Master craftsmanship from true race car builders.

Berk Technology BMW 335i 135i 4" N55 DownpipeStainless Steel Hardware, Nordlock positive locking fasteners for a leak free seal under the toughest race conditions.

More power everywhere!  Boost remains rock solid, safer air fuel ratio, quicker spool = WIN/WIN/WIN


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