New Product: Berk Technology Honda Civic Si High Flow Cat!

Berk Technology is proud to announce another new product to the line-up, the Berk Technology Honda Civic Si (FG2/FA5) High Flow Catalytic Converter!  The Honda Civic has long been a staple platform in the import tuning community and with Berk Technology’s stellar reputation within the Honda S2000 community it was only natural that they branched off into the Civic market.  Berk Technology’s world renowned high flow catalytic converter designs have rocketed to the top of every market they enter and this new offering for the 8th generation Honda Civic Si will surely be no different.

The Berk Technology Honda Civic HFC is a direct bolt-on replacement to the factory catalytic converter and features 100% made in the USA stainless steel construction.  The new HFC features a 3” tubing and a very smooth transition down to 70mm at the catback flange for compatibility with stock and aftermarket exhaust systems.  This new high flow cat also features a j-bend extended o2 sensor bung to help eliminate the dreaded check engine light and very high quality US made metallic catalytic converter element for superb heat resistance and performance.  This new high flow catalytic converter is already seeing horsepower gains in the Honda Civic Si community throughout the entire power band with peak gains of around 7 rear wheel horsepower and 18 ft-lb of torque!

Berk Technology track tests and dyno proves their products to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness.  Their BMW 135i race car has seen tremendous success and extreme conditions using Berk Technology high flow catalytic converters in the Redline Time Attack series, Global Time Attack Series, and MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championships sprint race series.  Many top race teams and industry track day goers also choose Berk Technology including Fortune Auto and DSport Magazine!

The new Berk Technology Honda Civic Si (FG2/FA5) High Flow Catalytic Converter is available now with an MSRP of $299.99 and can be purchased through any Berk Technology authorized dealer.


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