Berk Technology Remains Undefeated in Pacific Tuner Car Championships!

Santa Ana, CA, June 1, 2011:  The 2011 MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championships (MPTCC) is a nine event series that pits the fastest tuner cars in America against each other for 30 minute, no holds barred, wheel to wheel races.  Hosted by Redline Track Events, the MPTCC series stopped off at Auto Club Speedway for the third round of competition.  In the first two rounds, the Berk Technology BMW 135i and driver Mike Bonanni qualified on the pole and led every lap of both races in the “Tuner Over” class which feature the fastest and highest horsepower cars in the series.

After some cooling issues during Saturday’s practice the Berk Technology crew took the car back to their headquarters in Santa Ana and stayed awake all night re-configuring the car’s oil cooling system.  The team and car showed up Sunday morning with less than an hour to spare before qualifying and armed with a fresh set of Hankook Ventus Z214 tires Mike Bonanni went out and laid down a blazing 1:45.837 lap earning the team’s third pole position in a row!  Second place qualifier Carl Rydquist in the City Tire/Hankook 350Z was also looking very quick and with extensive professional racing experience, the team at Berk Technology knew he would be a major contender for the race.

When the green flag dropped, both Bonanni and Rydquist flew down the straight into turn one and proceeded to battle hard for the early lead.  After changing position with Rydquist four times in the first five laps Bonanni decided to settle in behind Rydquist to keep oil temperatures in check as well as conserve fuel and learn his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.  A mid-race caution flag bunched the entire field back up for a single file restart allowing for Bonanni to cool down the car enough to make a hard charge to the finish.  Bonanni got a good jump on Rydquist at the start pulling up alongside him through turns one and two but Rydquist had the inside line maintaining the lead.  With three laps to go Bonanni made his move using his Performance Friction brakes to dive to the inside under braking into turn 11, taking the lead from Rydquist for what would be the last time as a few laps later the checkered flag waved for Bonanni and the Berk Technology 135i crossing the line for their third straight victory in the series!

“I have to dedicate this win to the awesome crew at Berk Technology who worked so hard to make sure the car would be competitive for the full 30 minutes.  The race was intense and a ton of fun.  After doing time attack for so long it is nice to get into wheel to wheel racing that involves strategy as well as speed.  The Berk Technology 135i is such a well rounded car, and I can’t wait to continue moving forward with it both in the MPTCC and time attack.” – Mike Bonanni, Driver

This victory leaves Berk Technology in a commanding 42 point lead in the championship points standings with six races to go.

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Berk Technology BMW 135i Sponsors:
Hankook Tires
Performance Friction Brakes
VMR Wheels
European Auto Source
KW Suspension
APR Performance
AEM Electronics
OS Giken
Macht Schnell

—Berk Technology



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