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Sneak Peak: Berk Technology Infiniti G37 Exhaust

May 16, 2011

Coming soon…the Berk Technology cat-back exhaust system for the Infiniti G37!

—Berk Technology


New Product: Berk Technology Honda Civic Si High Flow Cat!

May 13, 2011

Berk Technology is proud to announce another new product to the line-up, the Berk Technology Honda Civic Si (FG2/FA5) High Flow Catalytic Converter!  The Honda Civic has long been a staple platform in the import tuning community and with Berk Technology’s stellar reputation within the Honda S2000 community it was only natural that they branched off into the Civic market.  Berk Technology’s world renowned high flow catalytic converter designs have rocketed to the top of every market they enter and this new offering for the 8th generation Honda Civic Si will surely be no different.

The Berk Technology Honda Civic HFC is a direct bolt-on replacement to the factory catalytic converter and features 100% made in the USA stainless steel construction.  The new HFC features a 3” tubing and a very smooth transition down to 70mm at the catback flange for compatibility with stock and aftermarket exhaust systems.  This new high flow cat also features a j-bend extended o2 sensor bung to help eliminate the dreaded check engine light and very high quality US made metallic catalytic converter element for superb heat resistance and performance.  This new high flow catalytic converter is already seeing horsepower gains in the Honda Civic Si community throughout the entire power band with peak gains of around 7 rear wheel horsepower and 18 ft-lb of torque!

Berk Technology track tests and dyno proves their products to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness.  Their BMW 135i race car has seen tremendous success and extreme conditions using Berk Technology high flow catalytic converters in the Redline Time Attack series, Global Time Attack Series, and MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championships sprint race series.  Many top race teams and industry track day goers also choose Berk Technology including Fortune Auto and DSport Magazine!

The new Berk Technology Honda Civic Si (FG2/FA5) High Flow Catalytic Converter is available now with an MSRP of $299.99 and can be purchased through any Berk Technology authorized dealer.

New Honda S2000 3″ Header Back Exhaust!

January 4, 2011

Berk Technology is proud to announce the official release of our new 3″ header-back exhaust system for the Honda S2000!

We’ve been developing this exhaust for some time now and I think it’s about time to spill the beans. There are a TON of exhausts on the market today but this one has many design features that has not been seen in one complete package. We’re proud to introduce the Berk Technology 3″ Single exit exhaust for the performance minded enthusiast. Don’t be scared by the size baby, let me explain…..

You still hear people talk about the need for backpressure in exhaust threads and to this day many people spread wrong information on the subject. The internet myth that “some back pressure is good” still persists. Let me just kill it now, back pressure is never good and any motor will perform best with zero back pressure. The myth confuses back pressure with velocity (exhaust gas speed) and in our case we are lucky that Honda makes one of the best flowing cylinder heads in the world, bar none. When you mate an exhaust system up with lots of flow capacity without any kinks, flanges, or resonators to deal with you end up with the best of both worlds. The lowest backpressure possible while maintaining exhaust gas velocity for low to midrange RPM performance. This all translates to power production from down low all they way up to redline.

Enter the Berk Technology 3″ Single for the S2000. We designed this to be as light as possible, with a slightly understated look, and most importantly to make POWER everywhere. We utilized a header back design to minimize the extra weight and complexity from extra flanged connections. The efficient layout also allowed us to make the exhaust as straight as possible to keep velocity up for better all around performance in any RPM range. We use a V-band connection and a single bomb proof Clampco clamp that has never failed us in our 6 years of turbo system development and manufacturing. The design of this system keeps weight to a minimum, shaving off almost 1/2 of the weight of the stock system.

Our muffler is a true straight through 3″ muffler with a proper perforated core that does will not slow down the flow of exhaust gas while still offering an excellent amount of sound attenuation without too much harness. This definitely isn’t what I would call a quiet exhaust but it is quieter than some of the already available 70mm exhausts on the market.

Need to stay SMOG legal? We have full custom fabrication in-house and can add a high flow cat to your exhaust. It doesn’t have to be as fancy as the quick release V-band HFC/TP option I have shown at the bottom of the post but it gives you an idea of what you can do.

•3″ Single exit exhaust (76.2mm)
•4″ Straight cut tip
•Header back, meaning the “test pipe” or “High Flow Cat/HFC” is an integral part of the exhaust
•Built in CEL fix is included with the non-catted or high flow catted option
•Single V-Band connection that uses zero gaskets and is quick release with only one nut to remove.
•Extra support hanger is included. Prevents “wobbling” of the exhaust.
•OPTIONAL: High flow cat option with or without quick release V-band connections.

Berk Technology

Unlock 15whp and 20wtq Out of Your 2011+ BMW 135i!

September 21, 2010

The first independent dyno results we’ve seen for our Street Performance N55 exhaust systems are in!  They come from PTuning out in Virginia and they show impressive gains across the entire RPM range!  The results are +15.5whp and +20.7wtq!!!

Our slogan is “Track Tested, Dyno Proven” and we try to stay true to that by putting out products that perform taking into consideration everything from power to weight reduction.  Our Street Performance exhaust system sheds 20 lbs. of weight over the stock exhaust system with improved looks, improved performance, and OEM quality fit & finish.

Order the Berk Technology Street Performance Exhaust System from our online store, or through your favorite Berk Technology dealer!

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Berk Technology 370Z Exhaust Systems Installed on Customer Cars

August 26, 2010

With the official release of our new 2009+ Nissan 370Z Cat-Back Exhaust Systems, we have been flooded with photos and excellent reviews from our customers!  Here are a few recent customers who are enjoying their new exhausts!

Gorgeous yellow Nissan 370Z with Berk Technology Cat-Back Exhaust System.

And an equally gorgeous Nismo Edition 370Z with a special version of our Cat-Back Exhaust System that comes with extended exhaust tips to fit better with the Nismo rear bumper.

Berk Technology

135i Exhaust Video From Our Friends at European Auto Source (EAS)

August 24, 2010

Check out this awesome video from the boys at European Auto Source!  They installed the full downpipe-back Berk Technology Street Performance Exhaust System on their 2008 BMW 135i shop car!

You can of course purchase the same exhaust system for your BMW 135i from European Auto Source as well!

—Berk Technology

New Product: Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 High Flow Cat!

May 10, 2010

It’s no secret that the Mitsubishi Evolution is one of the top tuner platforms of all time, and it’s also no secret that Berk Technology is one of the top high flow catalytic converter manufacturers in the tuner market today, which is why we are proud to announce our new 3” high flow catalytic converter for the Mitsubishi Evolution 8/9!  The new Berk Technology Evo 8/9 High Flow Cat uses the same high flow metallic racing catalytic converters that have been so successful in our Nissan/Infiniti/Honda applications and possesses the same high quality 100% stainless steel craftsmanship that Berk Technology is known for.

High flow catalytic converters are the perfect solution for anyone looking to free up some extra power, but don’t want the dreaded “test pipe smell,” and also the perfect solution for owners who are building a car to race in a series that requires the use of catalytic converters.  Berk Technology high flow catalytic converters have been proven to flow 87% as well as test pipes leaving you with plenty of power and no obnoxious smell.

The new Mitsubishi Evolution 8/9 high flow catalytic converter will fit on both the 2004-2005 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII (8), and 2006-2007 Mitsubishi Evolution IX (9).  This Berk Technology catalytic converter is designed to be a direct bolt on replacement of the stock catalytic converter and is OBDII and 49 state SMOG compliant.

These new high flow cats are available for order right now though Berk Technology or your favorite Berk Technology authorized dealer!

MSRP: $249.99

Please call (714) 546-2375 to order or email

—Berk Technology

Berk Technology Teams up with TiSpeed

April 14, 2010

Arguably, the most important part of a race car is its brakes.  No matter how fast a car is, if it can’t stop, it wont be a race car for very long.  Not only is it important to have your brakes work, but to get the most out of your car and turn in fast lap times, your brakes also have to be consistent and dependable.

“As a driver, if a car’s brakes are working properly its something that is constantly on the front of my mind while out on track, wondering if my car will slow down enough this time or not.  Instead, I should be concentrating on driving clean, fast, and with confidence.” – Mike Bonanni, Driver of the Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i

The main cause of brake failure is excessive heat, namely in the brake fluid and there are several ways to combat it.  One of the more simple and effective ways is through TiSpeed titanium brake backing plates.  The titanium backing plates install between the back of your brake pad and the brake caliper pistons.  The titanium material helps deflect heat away from the caliper resulting in cooler brake fluid temperatures.  The result is brakes that last much longer on track and off track.  Excessive heat can boil your brake fluid causing your brake pedal to go to the floor, but it can also burn up the seals in your caliper.  The TiSpeed titanium backing plates will extend the life of your seals greatly and insure that you have predictable and consistent brakes every lap.  And the best part…the price.  TiSpeed titanium backing plates normally retail under $100.00 per set, a much smaller bill then what you could pay if your brakes fail.

TiSpeed titanium backing plates are essential to any track going car.  The Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i will be sporting TiSpeed titanium backing plates, so should you!  You can check them out at:

—Berk Technology