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Berk Technology / European Auto Source / VF Engineering MFest V Ride-A-Long Experience A Success!

April 26, 2011

MFest is the premier BMW event in North America and its fifth year proved to be bigger and better than ever with over 200 BMWs coming from all over the US.  Berk Technology, European Auto Source, and VF Engineering teamed together to provide adrenaline thirsty fans with a chance to take a ride around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway road course in one of four highly modified BMWs.  Furthermore, the cars were hurled around the track by Berk Technology and VF Engineering factory drivers Mike Bonanni and Jordan Yost to ensure that fans would get a chance to see, feel, and hear the full potential of the incredible line up of cars.

Fans were given the choice between four incredible cars to take their lap in; Berk Technology brought out their 2010 Redline Time Attack Championship winning BMW 135i which features a full roll cage, race seats, Berk Technology exhaust system, GIAC tune, full race suspension from KW, and Hankook slicks for the fan who wanted the full race car experience.  European Auto Source brought out their shop project which is an E92 M3 equipped with a VF Engineering Stage 2 supercharger kit and other go fast bits from Macht Schnell and ChallengeVF Engineering brought two of their flagship platforms, both of which were equipped with a VF Engineering Stage 2 supercharger kit.  One was a mildly built E46 M3 and the other was a wildly modified E92 M3 which featured a Vorsteiner widebody kit and 620 horsepower!

The ride-a-long portion of the event was a huge hit and our only regret is that we simply didn’t have enough time to accommodate everyone that wanted rides.  There’s no better way to showcase your products than to strap someone into your car and show them first hand. We had customers and fans who came out to MFest just for the chance to ride in our car and that was a great feeling. We are definitely looking forward to MFest VI in 2012!” – Laura Heng, Berk Technology

To learn more about the cars and drivers that participated in this event, please visit the following websites:

Berk Technology


Berk Technology 135i Featured on!

August 27, 2010 is one of the leading websites in the industry for fact based technical, yet entertaining articles.  We are honored to have our Time Attack BMW 135i on their site as one of their Feature Vehicles so please do us a favor and go check it out!

Berk Technology

Come See the Berk Technology 135i at SpoCom This Sunday!

July 16, 2010

The Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i will be on display this Sunday (7/18) at the Long Beach Convention Center for the 2010 SpoCom Super Show!  The car will be displayed with other time attack cars in the Redline Time Attack booth so be sure to drop by and check it out!  See the race car first hand, plus see the latest BMW 135i products from SEIBON Carbon, APR Performance, Berk Technology, APEX Wheels, VFiber, and more!

For more information on the SpoCom car show, check out their website…

—Berk Technology

Preparing the Berk 135i for Summer Heat – Part 1

June 22, 2010

Since summer has officially started, I thought we would give our fans and customers a little insight on how we are preparing the Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i for the heat.  Our next event is out at Willow Springs International Raceway out in the Mojave Desert by Edwards Air Force Base.  We will be there with the Redline Time Attack series on 4th of July weekend and ambient air temperatures are expected to be in the triple digits.

Its no secret that heat is the number one enemy of performance and reliability when it comes to race cars.  Excessive heat can take its toll on everything from tires to brakes to the engine and is usually the cause of many engine failures.  Needless to say, heat management is essential for race car reliability.

We are currently leading points in the 2010 Redline Time Attack Street Tire RWD Championship so reliability is our number one focus heading into the summer months as we do not want to let the championship slip away due to mechanical issues.

Back in March we did our first cooling modifications to the car in the form of an AR Design oil cooler kit to help manage oil and engine temperatures and a pair of custom front brake ducts to help keep our Rotora front brakes cool.  Those modifications kept the car within safe operating temperature range during the Spring events, but heading into the summer months, we are making another cooling modification that will also help with aerodynamics.

In late 2009, we picked up a SEIBON Carbon OEM style carbon fiber hood and shaved a good amount of weight off the front end of the car with the added bonus of awesome looks.  Although the OEM style hood replicated the clean smooth lines of the stock hood, it doesn’t offer any sort of venting.

Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i with SEIBON Carbon OEM style carbon fiber hood.

At the last event at AAA Speedway, we saw speeds in excess of 150mph down the front straight away and one of the things we noticed was that the SEIBON Carbon Fiber hood was buffering.  That told us that we are getting a lot of  trapped air coming through the front bumper and radiator and getting stuck in the engine bay.  That trapped air creates a high pressure area under the hood that actually lifts the hood from underneath.  Think of it kind of like shaking a soda bottle with the cap on.  The pressure from the carbonation makes the bottle nearly impossible to squeeze.

The solution is to put vents in the hood to release that pressure, which acts like removing the cap on the soda bottle.  The result is that air can escape through the vents in the hood relieving the high pressure area and reducing lift on the front end.

The other benefit of a vented hood comes in the cooling department.  With the high pressure area in the engine bay with the non-vented hood, fresh cool air wasn’t able to pass through the radiator and front end of the car.  With the vented hood, a much higher volume of fresh cool air will be cycled through the front bumper, through the radiator and oil coolers, and out of the vents in the hood.  The result is cooler operating temperatures and improved engine reliability.

For the Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i, we of course chose the SEIBON Carbon GTR style carbon fiber hood to replace our OEM style hood.  Normally, the GTR style hood from SEIBON does not have functional vents, but it does provide an exceptional template for us to cut our own holes in the hood and make the vents functional while retaining the stunning look of the GTR style hood.

Work in progress:  SEIBON Carbon GTR style hood under-going custom venting by Berk Technology.

Not only will our new SEIBON Carbon GTR style hood further improve the looks of the Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i, but it will also improve cooling, reliability, and aerodynamics all in one shot.  Its a no-lose situation and we are anxious to test it out at the high speed, blistering hot Willow Springs Redline Time Attack event!

All finished!  Form and function all in one sexy carbon fiber package!

If you are in California and struggling to find a worth while way to spend your 4th of July weekend, be sure to come out to Willow Springs Raceway and come check out the Berk Technology BMW 135i and the rest of the action at Round #6 of the 2010 Redline Time Attack series!  This event will be un-like any other Redline Time Attack event with the largest fireworks show in the Antelope Valley, drag racing, model competitions, and of course insane time attack action!

Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for Part 2 of the summer preparations where we highlight the installation of new gauges from AEM Electronics that will help us manage our engine’s vitals!

—Berk Technology

Redline Time Attack Las Vegas: Preview

April 21, 2010

After a very successful win and new track record for Berk Technology at the opening round of the 2010 Redline Time Attack season, we have been hard at work preparing the car for the second west coast round out in fabulous Las Vegas!  Our main goal between events was to get the car legal to run the 5-lap door to door sprint race at the end of each event known as the “Super Session.”  The Super Session is an opportunity to get extra points towards the year-end championship and not having a car that is legal to compete in it, we essentially would be giving the championship away.  Needless to say, we wont let that happen.

To make our car legal, we had to make one major addition to the car, a 6-point roll cage.  Before we did that though, we set out to take as much weight out of the car as possible, knowing we would be adding a lot of weight back in with the roll cage.  We did nearly everything simple that we could while staying within the Redline Time Attack Street Tire Class rules including everything from removing the OEM sunroof to replacing our custom seat rails with lighter weight Macht Schnell pieces.  When all was said and done, we had removed nearly 200 lbs. of weight out of the car before the roll cage!  We were shocked and excited that so much weight came out of the car, but the feeling was bittersweet as we knew the 6-point roll cage, built to Redline Time Attack rules, was going to add most of that back.

The car then headed to L-CON Race Car Design & Fabrication for a simple, to the point roll cage and the work was phenomenal.  L-CON was also able to integrate a driver’s side window net, also required by the Redline Time Attack rule book.

With only a few short days left to go, we still have a long list of things to do before the event to ensure that we have a car capable of giving us back to back wins.  As you are reading this we are probably full of caffeine and covered in grease fabricating brake ducts, test fitting slightly wider tires, installing TiSpeed brake pad backing plates, fabricating an oil cooler, corner balancing, and much more before heading up to Vegas Thursday night.

Be sure to watch the event live at or if you’re in the Vegas area, stop by our pit area to say hello!  Check back early next week for results and a full event review!  You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates throughout the weekend!

Follow our driver, Mike Bonanni as well!

Berk Technology’s MR2 featured in Carbon8Mag!

November 20, 2008

It’s been a while since we’ve brought the MR2 out to race, but we are still very proud of its accomplishments and what a great R&D testing vehicle it was for our high quality, track proven products. Without our Time Attack MR2 we would have never been able to develop proven products for on and off the track use. We were really excited when Carbon 8 Mag approached us looking for a race vehicle to feature and we were much obliged to offer them our MR2. They wrote a fantastic article on the car. Check it out today!